What Pest is in my Attic

If you hear Strange noises coming from your attic like; scratching, gnawing, squeeking, etc. chances are it’s either mice, rats, squirrels or glis glis

The best way of finding out what pests are in your attic is to set up a CCTV camera then once you spot whats up there plan your next action accordingly

Although smaller than rats Glis Glis tend to make a lot more noise and can do more damage by gnawing on pipes and cables.

Glis Glis tend to be more cuddly than rats and get an ahhh effect rather than a ughhh effect

Glis Glis have nice bushy tails

Rats have horrid worm like tails

Rats can be tempted out with a bit of cheese

Glis Glis hide better

Rats will try and get in house

Glis Glis are content to stay in loft

Rats scratch about until midnight

Glis Glis scratch about all night

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