How to Prevent Glis Glis

There are numerous things you can do to prevent Glis Glis problems

Stopping Glis Glis Getting In Your Home

You can stop Glis glis getting in your home by ensuring gaps and holes are blocked up. Be careful not to block air vents though but adapt them with fine meshing.

Trees or foliage should be maintained so that they do not overhang your property and any climbers, ivy, etc. should ideally be trimmed away from roofs or gutters.

Preventing Glis Glis with Good Housekeeping

Food, especially fruit, should be regularly picked when it falls, should be stored inside, kept off the ground in sealed containers.

If you find that you have Glis glis in your home contact the Glis Glis Specialists

Scientific name: Glis glis
AKA: Fat Dormouse, Spanish Rat, Sleeper, Pathew Tew (Welsh)
Native to: Continental Europe
Habitat: Mature deciduous and mixed woodlands, gardens and orchards

Glis glis

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