Glis Glis Trapping Season Approaches Don’t Forget Your Fox Pee

Will this unusual warm seasonal weather lead to an early glis glis invasion?

Glis Glis tend to be a problem between early May and late October but will the February weather lead to them hibernating earlier, running out of food supplies and entering peoples houses looking for nick nacks?

If so, we strongly advise you start thinking about glis glis trapping early, the last thing we want is an early boom of glis glis as it may mean 2 litters per female glis glis rather than 1 this year

With them spreading more and more every year it won’t be long until they are a pest in the Midlands

When is the Glis Glis Trapping Season

As mentioned previously, May to October is the traditional glis glis trapping season, 2019 though could be the year we see Glis glis as early as April or even March.

If you spot one early this year please let us know where and when you saw it.

Glis Glis and Fox Pee

Our old friend Mrs. Armitage from Slough wants to share a little tip with our readers.

“When it comes to glis glis repellent there is nothing better than fox pee.

A few drops sprinkled along the boundary of your property is a sure way of deterring glis glis from crossing the boundary.”

Let us know if you would like some fox pee to keep Glis Glis away and we will send you some.

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    1. Sorry, we’ve recently discovered it only works if it’s a local fox (much like only local honey is good for hay fever sufferers).

      If you do come across a local fox, the best way of extracting pee from it is to roll it on to it’s back and gently rub the fluffy bit of its belly.

      Be sure to have a large container handy as it’s amazing how much pee you can get out of a fox if you rub its belly the right way.

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