A Sad Tale of Courting Glis Glis and an Easter Egg Hunt

A typical tale of Easter Glis Glis was sent to us by our old friend Mrs Armitage in a letter we received last year;

A Sad Tale of The Courting Glis Glis

Hello Boys,

I thought I would write to you again to inform you about an incident in an Easter egg hunt that no child should ever have to experience.

Harriet – My darling little Granddaughter was in the garden with that dozy Son in law of mine and the neighbouring children hunting for the Easter eggs that Clarissa had strategically placed the prior evening (why they couldn’t do this in the morning of the hunt was beyond me).

Always as sharp as a needle (shame we can’t say the same about her father) Harriet was 1st to the hollowing in the old oak tree near the south pasture, as she already knew that this was one of her mothers favourite hiding places as a child, put in her hand and had a good feel around.

The Carshalton’s later told us that they heard the shriek from their drawing room even though the French Windows were firmly closed.

Shriek you may ask – Why would finding an Easter egg make such a young child shriek so loudly?

Well had it been an Easter egg and Not a brace of glis glis (how can I put this delicately) On the Nest – in their nest, the reaction to Harriet poking her fingers in may have not been quite the same.

The look on poor Harriet’s face as she ran the length of the lawn with one of the said glis glis still attached to her little pinkie is a look I will long remember.

Please don’t let your little ones share the same experience that little Harriet had to endure – If you are going to have an egg hunt this Easter please ensure you do a thorough recce for nesting Glis Glis before the children start their egg hunt

Your old friend,
Mr’s A

A Sad Tale of The Courting Glis Glis

Despite this sad tale we are pleased to say that Mrs. A wrote to us a little later saying that Harriet had fully recovered from her Glis Glis experience, unfortunately she couldn’t say the same about the courting Glis Glis couple who were never seen again after venturing in to the Carshalton’s estate and coming face to face with Nelson.

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