Glis Glis Trapping Licence

To trap Edible (or Fat) Dormice, Glis glis (also known as Myoxus glis)

This licence permits the trapping of Edible (or Fat) Dormice (Glis glis, also known as Myoxus glis) for the purposes of preserving public health and public safety, and to prevent serious damage to crops, fruit, growing timber and others forms of property. Edible Dormice captured alive cannot be released and must be humanely dispatched.

Anyone wishing to use this licence must first apply to Natural England.

Recording & reporting
There is a data recording and annual reporting requirement

Edible dormice: licence to trap them

From: Natural England
Part of: Dormice licences and Class licences for wildlife management
Published: 6 October 2014
Last updated: 1 January 2017
Applies to: England

This licence allows you to trap edible dormice (also known as fat dormice) to preserve public health and safety and to prevent serious damage to crops, fruit, timber and other property. It allows you to use the following methods:

• appropriate live capture traps
• approved spring traps

Note that edible dormice that are captured alive mustn’t be released into the wild and must be humanely killed.

Apply for a Glis Glis Trapping Licence

Get a licence to trap edible dormice for health and safety and other purposes (licence CL02).

For further information on applying for Glis Glis Trapping Licence see here – Edible dormice: licence to trap them

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