Glis Glis Taxidermist Stuffed Glis Glis

Yes – You guessed it!
our old friend Mrs. Armitage has sent us another email.

She wants to know if anyone is aware of any taxidermists who specialise in stuffing Glis Glis

We looked in to this for Mrs A and discovered that Glis Glis Taxidermy was all the rage in the roaring 20’s as having a small stuffed glis glis in their clasp bags was a must for debutantes at the great balls in Kensington.

We can only assume that one of Mr’s A’s granddaughters has a ball on the horizon and Mrs. A is looking for a little gift that she can give to her to take to the ball.

I hope Mrs. A realises that times have changed and having a small stuffed rodent in your Louis Vuitton isn’t quite as popular as it once was.

Why Did Debutantes Keep a Stuffed Glis Glis in Their Louis Vuitton Clasp Bags

Apparently the glis glis taxidermists used to apply a smimmering of lavender in the stuffing compound just for these occasions and the scent the glis glis gave off when opening ones Louis Vuitton was exquisite.

We are not sure if Mrs. Armitage is aware that her Granddaughter doesn’t really require the scenting element that the 1920’s stuffed glis glis provided or whether it is to be a purely visual element, either way we don’t really recommend she slip a stuffed glis glis in to Harriet’s Louis Vuitton unaware as it cause an awful shock if it were to fall out on the ballroom floor.

Glis Glis Taxidermist

Glis Glis Taxidermy – The Art of Stuffing Glis Glis

Back to the subject – We managed to track down a local glis glis control expert who specialises in stuffing the glis glis he catches and will be passing on his details to Mrs. A

We just hope Harriet attaches no blame to us.

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