What do Glis Glis Sound Like

Imagine you are a close associate of James Bond, are on a secret mission in North Korea and have been taken hostage.

You are locked in a dark cell and just as you are about to fall asleep you capturers open a tap very slightly in the room next door slowly dripping on to a sheet of corrugated tin.

Now imagine you are back home in your lovely warm bed about to drop of to sleep when a glis glis starts scampering about above your head

After a couple of nights hearing the sound of a Glis Glis you will soon wish you were back in your cell in North Korea

If you have problems with Glis Glis and the noises they make are driving you mad it’s time to call in the Glis Glis Busters, an elite squad of Glis Glis specialists who are experts in trapping and removing Glis Glis

Glis Glis Traps

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