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How to deal with the Glis Glis problem – You may think they are cute and cuddly but when you have a glis glis scratching in your loft and chewing on your cables in the early hours of the morning you soon change your mind.

Time to Call The Glis Glis Busters ~ The Experts in Glis Glis Control

When the scratching in your loft is turning you crazy it’s time to call in the Glis Glis Busters a crack team of Glis Glis specialists wo go where others fear to tread.

Glis Glis Busters The Glis Glis Experts and Glis Glis Specialists

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Rat or Glis Glis in Loft Which Is Worse?
Although smaller than rats Glis Glis tend to make a lot more noise and can do more damage by gnawing on pipes and cables.

How to prevent glis glis

Map of Glis Glis Sightings

Edible dormice: Glis Glis licence to trap them (CL02)

This licence allows you to trap edible dormice (also known as glis glis or fat dormice) to preserve public health and safety and to prevent serious damage to crops, fruit, timber and other property. It allows you to use the following methods:

• appropriate live capture traps
• approved spring traps

Note that edible dormice that are captured alive mustn’t be released into the wild and must be humanely killed.

Register to use this licence

This is a class licence. You need to notify Natural England in writing that you wish to use it. Write to or email:

Wildlife Licensing
Natural England
Horizon House
Deanery Road
Telephone: 020 802 61089

How to report your Glis Glis actions

You must send an annual record of all glis glis captured under this licence to Natural England by 31 January each year. Doing this also renews your registration to use this licence.

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Source: government/ publications/ edible-dormice-licence-to-trap-them

The Glis Glis is protected under The Wildlife and Countryside Act.

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