Glis Glis Removal Specialists

It is an offence to release glis glis once they have been captured.

Recording and reporting requirements for Glis Glis

The Registered Person must maintain a record of all Edible Dormice captured under this licence in accordance with the requirements of Annex A, and this record must be submitted to Natural England Technical Services for each calendar year to arrive no later than 31 January of the succeeding year.

If this Condition is not met then the Registered Person will, by default, no longer be considered
registered to act under this licence.

Record of Activities

Number of Glis glis trapped (and method)


Location (Postcode or Grid Reference & Town)

Example: 5 x Glis glis: (2 x cage trap, 3 x Solway Spring Trap Mk 4)

June 2008

HPxx 0xx / TL yy zz (Hemel Hempstead)

The location of the trapping carried out must include the postcode or map grid reference (4-figure minimum). This information will be used to monitor the geographical spread of this non-native species.

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Glis Glis Removal
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