Commercial Glis Glis Traps

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Glis Glis Trapping guidance
Glis glis cage traps should be baited with fruit and a source of water supplied. Pre-baiting ie wiring the door of the cage trap in the open position whilst supplying the traps with food helps to increase trapping success.

When in use, every trap used pursuant to this licence must be inspected at least once every day at intervals of no more than 24 hours. Such an inspection must be sufficient to determine whether there are any live or dead animals in the trap.

At each inspection any dead animal caught in the trap should be removed from it.

Where a trap is not in use, it must be rendered incapable of holding or catching Glis glis or other animals. Any bait, food or water must also be removed.

Where any live animal, other than a Glis glis or another animal of a species listed on Schedule 9 of the 1981 Act, has become confined in a cage trap, if fit to be released, it must be released immediately upon discovery. Glis glis must be killed in a quick and humane manner as soon as reasonably practicable after discovery.

Cage trapped Glis glis can be shot or run into a sack and killed with a sharp blow to the head.

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