Glis Glis Waking from Hibernation Early in 2018

We’ve had a number of reports from the Glis Glis Specialists in Bucks that Glis Glis are waking from hibernation early this year.

Not only ate they expecting a bumper crop of Glis Gls this year they say we are likely to see Glis Glis in Berks, Glis Glis in Herts, Glis Glis in Oxfordshire as well as Bucks this year.

We are even hearing that there is a possibility of Glis Glis in Warwickshire too.

Glis Glis

They may be small and cute but when you’ve got a glis glis in your loft scratching away and chewing on cables in the early hours you will soon be on web searching for Glis Glis Control experts 😉