Coronavirus in Glis Glis

Our old friend Mrs. Armitage sent us an email yesterday asking about the Coronavirus in Glis Glis

Hello Boys,

I thought I would write to you again as you have always been my favourite Glis Glis experts.

I’m a little concerned about the rumours I have heard about Chinese Amazon traders spreading the Coronavirus to the UK

If this is true, it’s a bit of a double whammy for the Armitage family as we like to buy our bamboo shoots direct from a Chinese trader via the Online stores Amazon and eBay (not sure if you boys are aware of these stores, but they are quite popular in the Armitage household)

The reason I say it is a double whammy is because we buy the bamboo shoots as a special treat for the family of Glis Glis living in the hollowing of the old oak tree near the south pasture.

I thought no more of it until I was told that dreadful Marjorie Carshalton was spreading gossip round the village saying that Glis Glis are Coronavirus carriers and people shouldn’t encourage them.

I’m sure it’s just spite because of last years Easter Egg Hunt Incident, but can you confirm or put my mind at rest as to whether Glis Glis do carry the Coronavirus or not?

Your old friend,
Mrs A

Well Mrs. A

In all the years we’ve been treating Glis Glis we have never heard of a single one contracting Coronavirus.

We suggest you tell olds Mr’s Carshalton to by a Coronavirus Masks

If she is worried about buying a Coronavirus Masks from a Chinese Amazon Trader tell her we found some great instructions on How to Make a Coronavirus Mask

Don’t tell her we said this, but it may improve her looks, and also hinder her gossiping 😉

Coronavirus Mask

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