Are Wine Cabinets Glis Glis Proof

Gerald Duck has moved out of The White Cottage and needs somewhere to store his wine collection in his new home that keeps it safely out of reach of Glis Glis.

Unfortunately he hasn’t got room to create a secure wine room or even enough room for a self contained Glis Glis protected wine cellar.

He was scratching his head a bit until we came across these fantastic Freestanding Wine Cabinets & Wine Fridges which claim to be glis glis proof

As they are so compact and look nice too Gerald is thinking of ordering a single temperature and three temperature cabinet which will be either side of the main firepace in the dining room.

Apparently, they are so well insulated that they are ideal for both long term wine storage or for displaying wine, we just hope that having Gerald’s wine on display doesn’t attract Glis Glis.

Wine Storage Cabinets
Freestanding Wine Storage Cabinets

All we need to know now is are Wine Cabinets Glis Glis Proof?